Origins of Surtel

In 1993, multinational company Siemens AG decided to close down its manufacturing plant in La Carolina (Jaén, Spain), for reasons external to the factory itself. It was then that some of the technical personnel of Siemens AG – already then a manufacturing plant of the French multinational Sagem – in La Carolina decided, in 1994, to unite efforts, capital and knowledge to create a new company: Surtel Electrónica.

From the very beginning, the mail goal at Surtel has been to become an electronics provider, with guarantees and solvency to undertake larger-scale projects by the day and satisfy the legal and environmental demands established by our customers.

Surtel works for different kinds of companies:

· Companies that develop their own printed circuit assemblies (PCAs) but need to carry out their manufacturing process externally.

· Companies that develop and manufacture their own PCAs but need to carry out part of their manufacturing process externally.

25 years later, Surtel is present in any of the leading technologies in the sector that require printed circuit board assemblies (PCA).

Surtel Electrónica 25 years later, Surtel is present in any of the leading technologies in the sector that require printed circuit board assemblies (PCA).

Strategic location

Throughout History, the region of Andalusia has been a melting pot of civilisations, from the Romans to the Arabs, which has allowed us to develop a robust ability for business.

We are less than three hours away by highway from three of the most important international airports in Spain, and thanks to the strategic location of Andalusia on the Mediterranean coast and with access to the Atlantic Ocean, our geographic position is unbeatable.

All the biggest logistics operators have their distribution centres in southern Europe very close to our facilities.

Company ethos

At Surtel, we offer our customers the possibility to assemble printed circuit boards with any kind of components. Our technical capabilities are guaranteed by our acquired expertise and our quality management culture from the first stage of every process.

Our commitment to constant improvement makes investing in the expansion and upgrade of our facilities one of our priorities. Therefore, each financial period we make an effort to incorporate technological advances in order to offer our customers an optimum electronics manufacturing service. This is how we have managed to add to our equipment such cutting-edge technology as 3D automatic optical inspection (3D AOI) or selective soldering.

Our personnel have experience in projects and development for multinational companies, and are qualified to take on any project in the electronics manufacturing area. We establish a close relationship with our interlocutors to integrate our skills with those of our customers, facilitating interaction and the flux of information in both directions.

Surtel Electrónica

SurTel: High technology at the service of quality


Thanks to our technological capacity, we can reduce manufacturing costs in comparison to other regions or neighbouring countries without compromising the quality of the projects in any way.


The application of our quality management system is mandatory for all our processes and our customers can attest to this.


Our purchasing department has a direct relationship with suppliers worldwide and our strategic location allows us to deliver what we manufacture anywhere.


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