At the service of our customers

At Surtel, we work with our customers in two ways:

  • Purchasing all components when a customer requires so. Many of our customers prefer this option, a turnkey solution, so they leave the purchase of materials and product manufacturing to us. Normally, these companies only have capacity for design and development of their product, together with functional testing.
  • Working with the components provided by the customer. For strategic reasons, some companies prefer to purchase their own materials, leaving only the manufacturing or assembly of components to us.

Some companies choose an in-between option, providing us only with some of the components that are strategic to their products while we purchase the rest.

Surtel Electrónica At Surtel, we have absolute flexibility to adapt to our customers..

The importance of our purchasing department

In addition to our technical capacity, Surtel has a purchasing department able to access markets of electronic components worldwide to optimise the purchasing process for the manufacturing of our customers’ printed circuit assemblies.

 Every year, our supply department purchases over 9 million euros worth of electronic components, and the importance of this department within Surtel continues to grow.

Surtel offers customers the possibility to develop prototypes, pre-series and complete series. We also offer assembly of manufactured boards to be sent to the end customer.

Our equipment

· 7 SMD assembly lines, 5 of them with capacity for up to 110,000 components per hour (IPC 9850) with 1 screen-printing machine, 1 SPI system (3 units), 2 automated insertion machines (P&P) and 1 convection oven. They have capacity for components SMT>01005, BGAs, QFNs and SMD<0.3mm pitch.

· Selective, reflow (nitrogen) and wave soldering
· Several manual insertion (THT) lines with machines for axial and radial preforming and semiautomatic insertion with optical guide

· BGA replacement machine

· X-ray inspection machine

· Potting and conformal coating machine

· Laser marking machine

· Flying probe tester

· Ultrasonic cleaning machine for Stencils

· Inspection and testing with 2D and 3D optical inspection system, functional testing and in-circuit testing. Our specialised technicians at Surtel can assess and design testing equipment and tests such as MDA/ICT, functional, and others; as well as automatic testing systems and specific functional testing applications.


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